Tourism Accommodation Australia (Victoria) -TAA(Vic) provides advice and advocacy on issues relevant to operators of Victoria’s diverse hotel network of three, four and five star  hotels, resorts and hosted apartment style accommodation properties.

Victoria is a highly desirable destination of choice for domestic and international visitors. Hotels, resorts and hosted apartment style accommodation properties are central to our hospitality and tourism offer.

These properties comply with a range of regulations, including food safety, fire safety, liquor licensing, planning and building amenity, employment and taxation laws that are designed to protect the safety and security of guests, hosts, operators and workers.


TAA (Vic) provides members a range of operational support, including workplace relations advice; industry benchmarking; compliance and licensing related advice; advice on tourism and planning issues; responses to government submissions and industry research.


TAA (Vic) coordinates networking opportunities to enable members and industry stakeholders to meet, exchange information and discuss issues and opportunities of common interest.


TAA (Vic) represents the rights and interests of members to all levels of government to ensure politicians have regard to them, when making policy decisions that impact our sector.


We collaborate with industry stakeholders to ensure members’ accommodation businesses continue to be recognised as an integral component of Victoria and Australia’s tourism product.

Recent Articles

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    Tourism Accommodation Australia (Vic)

    An interesting read on TFE Hotels position on the use of the Airbnb platform as an alternative distribution channel for their hotel rooms. As the platform's 'critical mass' of hotel listings grows, it's certainly conceivable that the current 3 per cent commission rate applicable would increase.  In the article, TFE's joint venture partner, Singaporean based Far East Hospitality, asserts the need for regulation of Airbnb in Singapore, referencing pending regulation that would limit the number of nights a property can be listed on the platform and the need for registration of the property and guests staying in it.  These 'light touch' regulatory measures are consistent with those TAA (Vic) advocated for when representing Victoria's hotel industry at the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the Owners Corporations Amendment (Short-Stay Accommodation) Bill 2016 and continues to engage with relevant Victorian parliamentarians on.

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    Tourism Accommodation Australia (Vic)

    An interesting article referencing the views of new Sydney Airport CEO, Geoff Culbert on some of the challenges of working with airline capacity restrictions, the airport's curfew and the importance of growing direct flight access to drive growth in the tourism sector.  This reinforces the importance of maintaining Melbourne's curfew free airport status, the continued attraction of more direct flights, particularly from China, India and Indonesia and the ongoing development of Avalon Airport as an international airport, following the recent announcement of Air Asia's double daily flights between Melbourne (Avalon) and Kuala Lumpur.

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    Tourism Accommodation Australia (Vic)

    Great to hear key insights from Victoria Racing Club CEO, Neil Wilson yesterday afternoon at the TAA (Vic) Industry Update. Neil spoke of the Melbourne Cup Carnival's global reach; strong female participation, both in the sport and attendance at the track and its significant positive impact to the Victorian tourism economy, where out of state visitors stay an average of five nights and spent $41.5m on accommodation in 2017, driven by a growth in commercial bed nights of 53 per cent since 2013.   Image (left to right) Greg Moore, General Manager Crown Promenade Hotel, Neil Wilson, Ben Sington, Managing Director, Langham Hotel and Dougal Hollis, General Manager, TAA (Vic) 

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    Tourism Accommodation Australia (Vic)

    An interesting article detailing how companies are understanding and acting upon demographic shifts that occur "across eras and generations." The article reflects signs that are encouraging for the tourism industry, as the "iPhone generation" adopt a YOLO (you only live once) mentality regarding how they chose to 'consume' leisure experiences.  It also references changes to consumption patterns as increased wealth makes travel and leisure more obtainable for people in developing countries across Asia. This trend obviously assists in driving the current growth in visitor numbers, nights and amount spent within Australia by international visitors.

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    Tourism Accommodation Australia (Vic)

    Melbourne's status as host to some of the world's best music and theatre productions has been confirmed this morning by Minister for Tourism and Major Events, Hon John Eren with his announcement that Come From Away, the critically acclaimed Broadway musical will open at Melbourne's Comedy Theatre on Saturday 20 July 2019.  In readiness for its arrival, Marriner Group CEO, Jason Marriner has also confirmed that the Comedy Theatre is soon to undergo a refurbishment, ahead of its 90th year, that will include new seating, upgrades to air-conditioning, new carpets, a new awning and a range of backstage enhancements.   

Working in our industry

The tourism industry has the potential to replace mining as Australia’s key economic pillar. The current growth in domestic and international tourism is a significant economic driver for Victoria that stimulates job growth, investment in infrastructure projects and further development of local communities.

Visit Victoria forecast that visitor spending in Victoria will reach $36.5b by 2025, up from $25b in 2017. An increasing number of visitors to Victoria, willing to spend more, drive the need for our industry to employ an additional 110,000 people by 2025, to meet the forecasted labour demand.

TAA (Vic) has convened a group of senior industry stakeholders to address the challenge of attracting and retaining great people to work in our industry.
This ‘TAA (Vic) Talent Taskforce’ considers a range of structural and personnel issues that impact the availability of staff for hotels and other tourism related businesses. 

We are currently gathering the thoughts of these stakeholders to agree on strategies that will ensure the industry’s future demand for appropriately skilled staff can be met.

$ 5 b
(daytrip and overnight) visitor spending in 2016/17
60 m
nights spent
$ 30 b
projected spend by 2025
staff employed (7.2 per cent of total Victorian employment)
18 m
visitors (15m intrastate, 6.9m interstate)
staff employed, projected to 2025