TAA (Vic) produces a number of publications of interest to accommodation hoteliers.
Some are publically accessible, while others are password protected for member access.

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Meeting and Event Reviews

These resources include summaries of TAA (Vic) meetings and events, including copies of relevant presentations. If you are interested in gaining access to member exclusive resources,
please call us on (03) 8631 7904.

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TAA Communications

TAA and TAA (Vic) Bulletins

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TAA and TAA (Vic) submissions  

TAA (Vic) Short Stay Accommodation – Milestone Timeline
TAA (Vic) – Owners Corporations Amendment (Short-Stay) Accommodation Bill 2016 – Submission to Environment and Planning Committee (January 2017)
TAA (Vic) – Where to from here? Equitable regulation of shared accommodation in Victoria  (September 2017)
TAA – Temporary Skilled Migration Submission (June 2017)
TAA (Vic) – Activities Local Law 2009 proposed amendments – submission to Melbourne City Council (March 2017)


Hotel Today magazine – June/July 2017

“Establishing a road map for the future” – pgs 12/13.
“Smoke-free outdoor dining reforms” pgs 14 – 17
“Immigration Minister turns up the heat for sponsored workers” – pgs 22 – 23

Hotel Today magazine – August/September 2017

“TAA (Vic) welcomes calls for a regulatory framework for short stay accommodation” – pgs 12/13
“Innovate and remain relevant” – pgs 22-24
“Victoria’s finest accommodation hotels and venue staff recognised” – pgs 27-33

Hotel Today magazine – October/November 2017

“Tourism growth drives need to identify new talent” – pgs 12-14


Dransfield Hotel Futures Annual Reports 


2018 TAA (Vic) Wall Planner

Environment and Planning Committee Report – Inquiry into the Owners Corporations Amendment (Short-stay Accommodation) Bill 2016

Victorian Government response to the Environment and Planning Committee Inquiry into the Short-stay Accommodation Bill – November 2017

Victorian Visitor Economy Strategy – June 2016

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