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Penalty rate Hospitality Award reforms

In the first major review of modern employment awards, The Australian Hotels Association mounted and led a case to introduce flexible part time provisions in the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2010 (HIGA).

The fundamental aspect of the case for reduced penalty rates on Sundays and public holidays was the need for the HIGA to promote flexible modern work practices and the efficient and productive performance of work, in the context of part time employment in the hospitality industry.

The Fair Work Commission subsequently recognised the need for more flexible part time employment arrangements and determined that reformed penalty rate provisions for full and part time employees would be phased in over three years, from 1 July 2017.

Industry Benchmarking

TAA Salary Survey

In 2017, AHA and TAA delivered the hotel industry’s first national salary survey for the accommodation sector. The National Hotel Industry Salary Survey provides important data on hotel industry salaries across Australia.

The Survey gathered data on 47 different roles within the industry, categorised under the broader departments of senior managers and department heads, food and beverage, sales, engineering and security, finance, human resources, front office, housekeeping, spa and salon.

The report has filters for hotel rating, location and number of rooms, to enable like-for-like comparisons to be made.

To access the 2017 TAA National Salary Survey and 2017 TAA Victorian Salary Survey please click the link below.

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AHA (Vic) Food Safety template

Federal and State Government legislation dictates that all food businesses that prepare and sell food must have a food safety program.

The AHA (Vic) Food Safety Program Template contains the information, procedures and support programs that, if followed, will enable hotel businesses to comply with relevant laws and minimise food safety hazards. The Template also includes procedures for managing guest requests regarding food allergies.

Order your copy of the AHA (Vic) Food Safety Program Template for Licensed Hospitality Outlets (Registered Template 32)
by contacting Dimity Harris on (03) 8631 7966.


Late night liquor licence review project

AHA (Vic) has had a number of meetings and discussions with the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) regarding their proposal to introduce ‘high risk’ conditions on licences, such as crowd controllers and security cameras, when music is being provided above background levels.

AHA (Vic) advocated that TAA (Vic) members operating accommodation hotels should not be subject to high risk conditions, given the low risk nature of their hospitality offer. TAA (Vic) has since assisted members in shaping written applications to the VCGLR to be excluded from such provisions.