Embracing Disruption as an Opportunity

As anticipation levels grow in the lead up to C2 Melbourne (17-19 October 2018), TAA (Vic) recently attended a joint Canadian Chamber of Commerce and C2 Melbourne briefing entitled “Embracing Disruption as an Opportunity.”

The event took the form of an interactive discussion with the audience, led by thought provoking presentations from an impressive array of speakers, including Martin Enault, CEO – C2 Asia Pacific, Mike McGrath, Managing Partner and Chief Marketing Officer, PwC, Michelle Irvine, CEO – Roy Morgan and Laura Anderson, Chairman – SVI Global.

Presenters addressed global megatrends that will demand attention over the next 12 years, including:

  • Increasing urbanisation of populations – as people seek to move toward urban centres.
  • The ‘E-revolution’ prompting the changing nature of work, where 50 per cent of current jobs won’t exist in the future.
  • Resource scarcity.
  • Shifts in world economic power bases.
  • Globally ageing populations.
  • Climate change.

They reasoned that the only constant in the future will be rapid change, where we have the opportunity to ‘own the automation debate’ as opposed to adopting a victim mindset to disruption. Indeed, individuals have the option to ‘lead, follow or get out of the way!’  Michelle Levine acknowledged that being disrupted is ‘painful.’ She referenced that different generations of people have different priorities- many now actively embrace the ‘experience economy’ and don’t care to be defined by what they own or what they buy. Rather, they care more about lifestyle and sharing memorable experiences. Michelle also referenced:

  • The transitory nature of work, where individuals are likely to have up to 35 jobs during their career.
  • Increasing prevalence of mental health issues, particularly among youth, males and those under employed.
  • The major influence ‘trust’ will have on personal and professional relationships in the future. She also touched on the drivers of ‘distrust’ referencing the safety of personal data on social media channels and the behaviour of banks, sporting organisations, churches and references to ‘fake news.’
  • The rapid increase in technological advancements and the importance of artificial intelligence as one key driver of this trend.

Michelle and Laura referenced the centrality of human intelligence, heart and soul that will be critical to successfully embrace these changes. Mike cautioned against organisations who ‘get locked into a cycle of how they do things,’ encouraging attendees to carefully consider how they will support a necessary transformation in cultural leadership (self and organisational) to ensure they challenge conventional thinking. He also reasoned that future cultural leadership within organisations would be driven by a compliance imperative, rather than by goodwill.

Laura reinforced the importance of values based leadership for organisations, who have a clear appreciation of what they stand for and are able to communicate a strong vision to their teams. She noted that this authenticity is key to demonstrating what organisations and individuals stand for. Also contending that once goals, and frameworks within which to achieve them are set, employers should maintain an open mind, share knowledge with employees and set them free to effect required change. She noted the importance of a feedback loop in doing so, providing the opportunity for individuals to contribute and recap – an important part of the learning process.

Being better at successfully embracing diversity also came through as a consistent theme, particularly given an ability to solve complex problems, armed with a range of different perspectives.

C2 Melbourne is a three day immersive event scheduled for 17 – 19 October 2018 in Melbourne.

More information can be found here:

TAA (Vic) members are eligible to receive a $300 discount on the cost of attendance. To receive the relevant discount code, please call us on (03) 8631 7904.

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