Domestic visitation figures positive

TAA Summary of the Domestic Tourism Report: Overview of Accommodation Performance. Survey results are presented for the just released end of year period to June 2018. They reflect robust growth for domestic tourism across Australia with domestic overnight visitors, domestic visitor nights and domestic trip expenditure all reflecting strong growth. Visitor nights in hotels, motels and resorts (HMR) across the nation grew by 8 per cent in capital cities and 6.4 per cent in regional areas. Melbourne significantly exceeded this national growth, reflecting a 15.7 per cent increase in stays in HMR.

Victoria ranked second (behind NSW) in the country for the number of domestic overnight visitors at 24.66 million (24.6 per cent of all visitors), an increase of 6.39 per cent on the previous year and third (behind NSW and QLD) for domestic visitor nights at 90.33 million nights (25 per cent of all visitors), an increase of 7.93 per cent.

Please click on the link below for a full overview of this report:

Domestic Tourism Report: TAA Overview of Accommodation Performance

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