Positive trends – domestic tourism numbers

Tourism Accommodation Australia has recently completed a summary of recently released data from Tourism Research Australia, detailing domestic visitor trends for Australia. It provides a comparison for year-on-year performance to Y.E. December 2018 vs. Y.E. December 2017.

An overview of performance reflects that domestic overnight visitors, visitor nights, trip expenditure (total) all reflected healthy increases over the comparative period, 2018:2017

  • Domestic Overnight Visitors 105,599,743 – an increase of 8.64 per cent
  • Domestic Visitor Nights 376,087,407 – an increase of 7.17 per cent
  • Domestic Trip Expenditure $72.705b – an increase of 12.69 per cent
  • Average Domestic Trip Expenditure $688.50 – an increase of 3.73 per cent  

Victoria again ranked second (behind New South Wales), in terms of the number of domestic visitors who came to our State at 25.687m – this represents a five per cent year on year increase and reflects almost a quarter of all domestic visitors travelling within Australia (24.3 per cent). 

It should be noted,Victoria’s main rivals (New South Wales (1st) and Queensland (3rd)) experienced near, or over, double digit growth – NSW, 34.554m visitors (9.4 per cent growth) and QLD 24.086m (10.6 per cent growth).

Melbourne ranked first for nights spent in hotels, motels and resorts with 11.801m nights (representing a positive change of 17.73 per cent), ahead of Sydney with 11.302m nights (up 16.36 per cent). Gold Coast was a distant third, with 6.646m nights (up 22.15 per cent). Across all visitor nights spent in hotels, motels and resorts, across Australia, there was growth of 10.75 per cent, however this was again outstripped by the growth in use of unregulated accommodation (“Rented plus other private” in the data) at 16.68 per cent.

Click on the link below to read TAA’s full summary:

Domestic Tourism Report – Overview of Accommodation Performance

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