TAA Welcomes JobKeeper Extension

Michael Johnson, National CEO, Tourism Accommodation Australia, has welcomed the extension of the JobKeeper program.    

Mr Johnson said accommodation hotels across the country are barely holding on and the announcement of JobKeeper 2.0 will save businesses. “The announcement by the Government will go a long way towards saving businesses and keeping our staff in jobs after September. We thank the Prime Minister and Treasurer,” said Johnson.    

“It is good to see the Government acknowledge sectors like ours are suffering more than others and will continue to suffer into the future.”     “With international travel uncertain for at least 12 months domestic tourism will be our only way out. But until travel between all states and territories is possible, continuing JobKeeper is the only way to keep the sector viable.” 

Mr Johnson said the road to recovery for accommodation hotels has been one step forward and two back, with huge differences across each state.     He said the Association had concerns JobKeeper will not be effective for businesses which have suffered long-term shutdowns like those in Victoria.  “Given the length of forced shutdowns and our highly-casualised workforce, there is a concern eligible staff will have moved on when these hotels are ready to re-open,” he said.    

“JobKeeper is only payable for employees who were with the employer on 1 March 2020, so this would decrease the assistance to businesses in places like Victoria which have recently been shut down for a second time.”    

Johnson said TAA will ask the Federal Government to provide a re-set of JobKeeper employee eligibility for businesses that have had extended periods of shutdown. 
“We will be working closely to refine existing economic responses to COVID-19 and promoting additional ideas to protect jobs and rebuild our industry.”  

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