Melbourne and Victoria’s Coronavirus Reopening Roadmap

Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews has revealed the Victorian Government’s much awaited Coronavirus Reopening Roadmap to progress Melbourne and Victoria toward a COVID-19 ‘normal’ for work, education and living.

His annoucements have foreshadowed a long road back for hotel and hospitality busineses, particularly those in metropolitan Melbourne, restricted to takeaway and delivery of food and beverages only until, case numbers permitting, having the potential to reopen in outdoor settings from 26th October. 

When arriving at a four stage reopening stratgegy, Mr Andrews reflected these decisions had been made following extensive modelling of over 1,000 different scenarios and what these might mean, in terms of likely case numbers and infection rates. He contended that businesses in Victoria, when being allowed to reopen must be able to stay open and to do so prematurely would no doubt result in “consequences even greater than the difficulties we currently face.” 

Recognising that case numbers and community transmission is far lower in regional Victoria than in metropolitan Melbourne, the Premier indicated that regional areas will essentially be a ‘step ahead of Melbourne’ with the easing of restrictions. However, case numbers in the Geelong and Colac regions are currently of concern and deserving of close attention, according to Mr Andrews. 

A comprehensive visual depiction of recovery roadmaps for Melbourne and Regional Victoria can be accessed by clicking on the links below: 

Metropolitan Melbourne

Regional Victoria

Industry Restriction Levels: Metropolitan Melbourne

Industry Restrictions Levels: Regional Victoria

The Premier’s related media statement can also be found below. 

Premier’s Media Statement  

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