Restrictions lifted as Victoria records zero case day amid massive testing numbers

Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews today confirmed news that all across our industry will welcome – the vast majority of COVID-19 ‘circuit breaker’ restrictions will be removed, at 11.59pm tonight. 

This news comes as Victoria recorded ‘zero’ new infection cases, both in the Victorian community and within Victoria’s hotel quarantine program, following a day of record testing, as 39,258 Victorians undertook a COVID19 test in the past 24 hours. 

This announcement means that trading conditions across Victoria’s tourism and hospitality sector will largely return to ‘pre-circuit breaker settings,’ save for more stringent mask wearing rules. In a hospitality setting, this will mean: 

  • Accommodation providers can again offer their room inventory for sale to the public; 
  • Accommodation booking size limits – restricted to private gathering limits. The person booking the accommodation can have up to five visitors;  
  • Intrastate travel – allowed and unrestricted; 
  • Interstate travel – allowed, per evolving individual state border controls; 
  • No requirement for seated service in a food and beverage setting; 
  • One person per two square metres capacity limits will again apply; 
  • Masks to be worn indoors when not eating or drinking;  
  • Masks also required outdoors, when physical distancing cannot be maintained; 
  • Indoor pools and spas – open, with a density quotient of one person, per four square metres;
  • Outdoor pools and spas – open, with a density quotient of one person, per two square metres. Record keeping is required in both settings; 
  • Gyms –  Open with density quotient of one person, per four square metres, when staffed, or one person per eight square metres, when not. Signage regarding capacity restrictions required. Wipes and disinfectant also need to be supplied. 
  • Digital customer registration to continue; 
  • Weddings and funerals – able to resume, no limit on numbers other than those relating to venue density limits; 
  • Crowds at major events again allowed, subject to specific conditions set out in the event’s agreed COVID Management Plan, and 
  • Fifty per cent of the public and private sector workforce can return to work. 

In a household setting: 

  • Five visitors to the home;  
  • Twenty people allowed at public gatherings;  
  • One household visit per day to hospitals;  
  • Schools to reopen tomorrow, and  
  • Sport and recreation activities can resume. 

The Premier did, however, issue a word of caution, indicating that these rule settings will not be further relaxed before at least Friday week (26 February), given this will signal the end of the infectious period of current COVID19 community cases. 

Please click below to review the full details of Victoria’s COVIDSafe Summer settings, that will apply from 11.59pm tonight. 

Victoria’s COVIDSafe Summer Settings

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