Victoria to easing COVID Restrictions after the state hits a virus milestone.

Yesterday, Acting Premier James Merlino announced further easing of restrictions for all Victorian hospitality venues that will come into effect from Friday, 26 March at 6:00pm.

The announcement was welcomed after the state recorded no active cases of COVID-19 in three months.

Below is a summary of the changes and information relevant to the hospitality industry.

  • Accommodation venues – the person or household booking the accommodation can have up to 100 visitors, in line with the new private gathering limit.
  • All venues are required to use the Services Vic app or a government API-linked digital system for electronic record keeping. Venues will have a 28-day compliance amnesty.
  • The 50 person cap for dancefloors has been removed.
  • Facemasks will no longer be required in a retail setting, however are still required on public transport, in taxis and Ubers.
  • No caps on gym and exercise classes, other than those imposed by density quotients (1 person per 2sqm if staffed, 1 person per 4sqm, if not)
  • Pools, saunas and steam rooms – density limits of 1 person per 2sqm apply, if staffed, 1 per 4 sqm, if not.
  • Nightclubs – density quotient of 1 per 2 sqm, with no maximum patron limit.
  • Gaming venues can open with a density quotient of 1 person per 2 square metres and no seated service is required.

Click here to read the official statement and click here to view the full table of restrictions.

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